“Nicole’s program is excellent! I lowered my bodyfat, improved my cardio, and learned great routines and moves that I am able to do anywhere with minimal equipment! The fact that she came to my house and supplied the equipment is an unbeatable bonus!” – Alyse, young professional

“Working with Nicole allowed me to continue pursuing my fitness goals in the privacy of my own home.  She is incredibly knowledgable, professional and FUN! She provided great variety with workouts and adjusted these specifically to my needs.  I also valued her motivational communications in between our sessions.  She’s an absolute delight to work with!” – Deb, General Practitioner

“The most effective part of my time with Nicole was not only her company and cheering along the way, it was that she met me where I was.  I don’t think I could have joined a group class because of my special needs.  I’m so happy to be stronger and back to myself; even better than before.”  -Ellen, Teacher

“Thank you so much for your always great instruction, patience, cheerfulness and your special words of encouragement!   This is just the beginning of a great relationship!”  -Marcy, Retired

“I am a 40 yr old wife and mother of 2 active kids. Over the years I have let the pounds slowly creep on until I found myself needing to buy all new clothes. I decided to invest in myself instead of a new wardrobe. I tried to exercise and diet on my own with no success. I thought about joining a gym but knew I’d never go. I wanted something that would fit into my busy schedule. I’ve always wanted to try a personal trainer but was skeptical that I would get the results I wanted. I purchased 2 one hour training sessions with Nicole Kuhn at an auction and I have been extremely happy with my decision.   At first, saying I had a personal trainer was a little embarrassing. I pictured a personal trainer in some tight little outfit at the gym that yelled at you to work harder while you struggled to do exercises. Nicole has changed my view of personal trainers for the better. She comes to your home and makes the workouts fit into your life style. She does an initial assessment to find out your goals and builds a personalized exercise program that not only gets results but is easy to follow. She brings equipment with her to your home and uses what you have to make exercising fun. Nicole is very flexible and can meet with you whether it’s once a week or once a month. She gives you “homework” exercises to do until your next session and she changes your workouts often so you never get bored. She will customize your workouts to target trouble areas and she will help you get fit in areas you didn’t even know you needed. She focuses on all over good health and not just losing weight. She gives you tips to help change your life style.

My favorite thing about Nicole is she works out right alongside of you. She doesn’t stand over you making you feel self conscience about your body. She is able to show you the exercises and corrects your posture to target the right areas. She doesn’t do the work for you but she sends encouraging texts and emails that keep you motivated to meet your goals. The variety that Nicole provides in her different workouts makes it fresh and challenging. She taught me that working out in my backyard is really fun. I never imagined doing exercises outside, with the birds singing and fresh air could be so energizing. With the help of Nicole, I’ve lost several inches all over my body and have lowered my BMI to a healthy number. I’m proud to say I got help from a personal trainer and I continue to workout with Nicole every other week to keep my workouts challenging and unique. She is a great personal trainer, motivator and life style coach. If you have 50 or 15 pounds to loose or just want to firm up, give Nicole a call. Find out for yourself how rewarding and successful Nicole can be as your personal trainer.”   -Amy, Pharmacist

Nicole’s enthusiasm and knowledge helped me get motivated to exercise again!  She is awsome! -Becky, Licensed Acupuncturist 

“I feel stronger and more fit than I have in my entire life. At age 61, I was so surprised I could begin to develop my muscles and feel stronger. I now carry myself differently and feel better both mentally and physically. Nicole Kuhn has changed my life!   I developed arthritis at a young age and would protect my body when it hurt. Food was my comfort, and as a result I have been overweight for many years. I relaxed when I got off work and spent too much time on the couch! After working with Nicole, the pain from arthritis has diminished, I’ve not used a cane for months, and I now have the tools to reduce the pain myself. I work around the house when I get off work, and I am able to fit into smaller size clothing.   Nicole teaches me all the time, makes sure my positioning is perfect during each exercise, and encourages me to push myself further than I thought possible. She offers a variety of types of exercise that work on different parts of the body and keeps the workout interesting and fun. And I know the stretches to do when I’m sore or have a pain (that will actually make the pain go away).   Nicole did and initial assessment with me, developed a program to meet my personal needs. She brings her equipment to me so I can exercise in the privacy of my own home.   Nicole is not only a great personal trainer but she is both caring and delightful to be with. She has given me the tools to take care of myself, keep myself strong, and reduce my pain from arthritis. I highly recommend her. Nicole has literally changed my life.”   -Doreen, Health Administrator