CUSTOMIZE is what I do for each and every client. I put together customized physical fitness and/or health plans for each individual client.  So .. . I am a traveling gym . .. I come to you or we meet at a studio and we make sure the routine customizes into your life.

FUN  is what every meeting must have and be. If it’s not fun why do it? When you make health and fitness fun and enjoyable you will stick to it. My goal is to make every class and every interaction exciting and worthwhile!

My philosophy on being a Certified Personal Trainer and Health Education Specialist is to teach people the skills to exercise and live a more healthy lifestyle. To improve their health not only externally, but internally as well. Health encompasses physical, mental, social, environmental, intellectual, and spiritual entities which all need to be a part of health. My hope is to take each day to teach people the importance of every aspect of health.

With the social world being so busy, people forget to take the time for themselves or to enjoy what they have around them. What is the world all about if we do not take time to notice what is around us. My goal is to help people understand that health is the most important aspect of their life. Individuals will learn to stop and enjoy the external nature around them, stop and focus on what their body is saying internally, and much more. When you are in control of your behaviors you do have a more enlightened feeling about yourself and the earth. That is what living healthy is all about and that is what I love to teach!